Presentation - 2nd Meeting APCJJ

Second Meeting of the APCJJ



The Second Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Council for Juvenile Justice comprised two events designed around the common goal of promoting child-friendly juvenile systems which are based on international standards and norms in the Asia-Pacific Region.

  • The first part of the meeting was a practice focused event organised as a professional development training from May 5 to May 7.
  • The second part was a policy oriented event on May 8 that will focus on developing common strategies and sustainable collaboration among APCJJ participants and members.

Organised jointly by the IJJO, the Thai Department for Juvenile Observation and Protection of the Thai Ministry of Justice, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Second Meeting of the APCJJ aimed to support countries from the Asia-Pacific Region in their efforts to ensure the protection and promotion of the rights of children who are in conflict with the law. The APCJJ was also supported by Unicef Regional Office and Thailand Institute of Justice.

The content of the Second Meeting built on the results of the APCJJ First Meeting and the conclusions drafted in the report, 'A Voice for the Future of Juvenile Justice in Asia-Pacific. Introduction to the Asia Pacific Council for Juvenile Justice and Leading Juvenile Justice Reforms in the Region'. In particular, the meeting focused on promoting:

In addition, the meeting focused on preparation for entering the ASEAN Economic Community, which will be implemented in 2015, insofar as to build justice cooperation among ASEAN member states in particular.

  • Strategies and measures aimed at preventing and responding to violence against children who are in conflict with the law.
  • Diversion and alternative measures for children in conflict with the law.
  • Restorative justice for children.