The IJJO discusses rehabilitation standards and practices for children in international meeting on radicalisation and terrorism in Central Asia

A 'Dialogue on Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Radicalization to Violence in Central Asia' was hosted by the Global Counterterrorism Forum's Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) Working Group on February 23rd in The Hague (The Netherlands). This dialogue meeting was an opportunity to exchange on the challenges faced by Central Asian States regarding foreign terrorist fighters, the existing and developing programmes and tools to address this phenomenon, and the international cooperation mechanisms on this issue. Particular attention was given to tools for implementing the Hague-Marrakech Memorandum in Central Asia. 

The audience was composed of delegates from Central Asian States, GCTF Member States and experts from international organisations and civil society members.

Sophie Duroy, analyst and project manager at the IJJO, gave a presentation on good sentencing and rehabilitation standards and practices for child foreign terrorist fighters, highlighting the importance of tailored alternatives to detention and of comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration programmes, both in and outside detention facilities. The IJJO’s projects 'PRALT – The prevention of juvenile radicalisation' and 'Strengthening juvenile justice systems in the counter-terrorism context' were also briefly presented to the audience.