Conclusions - 1st Meeting APCJJ

First Meeting of the APCJJ



These Conclusions provide a brief summary of the closing comments drawn from the National Conference and First meeting of the Asia-Pacific Council on Juvenile Justice (APCJJ) “Towards and Asia-Pacific Strategy on Juvenile Justice”, held in Bangkok - Thailand on the 14th June 2012, and hosted by the Thai Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection, under the Thai Ministry of Justice of Thailand. They have been used to further develop the APCJJ Council’s first report ‘A voice for the future of Juvenile Justice in Asia-Pacific’, and serve as an aide memoire for the council members concerning the final outcomes of the 14th June First Meeting of the APCJJ.

From the meeting of the 14th June 2012, the conclusions were broken down into 5 main areas for reform. Regional collaboration across the Asia Pacific through the Council will be a strong tool to improve the realisation of these reforms.

The areas are as follows:

  • Prevention
  • Administration of Juvenile Justice – Creating a ‘Specialised Juvenile Justice System’
  • Policy and Legislative Reform
  • Development and Implementation and of Reintegration and Rehabilitation Programming
  • Advocacy