2017 Jun 22
The Minutes of the Second Meeting of the APCJJ Subcommittee for ASEAN are now available as a comprehensive report, “Toward Regional Guidelines on Juvenile Justice: Promoting Cross-border Safeguards and Defining Strategies on Elimination of Violence against Children in Conflict with the Law”, to be accessed onlineThis meeting was... read more
2017 Mar 16
On the 7th and 8th of March, the IJJO and the APCJJ participated in an expert group meeting on tertiary education as a part of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's (UNODC) Education for Justice (E4J) initiative.The meeting was held in the UN's offices in Vienna. The E4J project was developed in response to the Doha Declaration... read more
2017 Mar 8
A 'Dialogue on Countering Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Radicalization to Violence in Central Asia' was hosted by the Global Counterterrorism Forum's Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) Working Group on February 23rd in The Hague (The Netherlands). This dialogue meeting was an opportunity to exchange on the challenges faced by... read more

The Asia-Pacific Council brings together representatives of competent public administrations in juvenile justice, universities, academic centres and NGOs with expertise in legislation, implementation, supervision, research and intervention in the field of juvenile justice and focuses especially on fostering implementation of international standards and principles, promoting evidence-based crime prevention policies, enhancing inter-institutional cooperation and developing trans-national strategies to ensure the respect of children’s rights in the administration of justice.


Third Meeting of the APCJJ Subcomitee for ASEAN
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